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Re: fc6, livna and 'spurious' totem-xine update

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 08:29:54 -0700
"David G. Miller" <dave davenjudy org> wrote:

> Alexander Volovics <awol home nl> wrote:
> > After installing some livna packages I am plagued
> > by a pesky announcement of an update for totem-xine.
> > How can I get rid of this spurious update announcement.
> > Totem (core) and totem-xine (livna) seem to contain
> > some common files.

> Please run yum from the command line and post the totem-xine 
> announcement messages you're getting.  I replaced totem with
> totem-xine on three different systems and have not seen these
> messages.

I forgot to mention that I am not using yum but 'package updater'.

If I try 'yum check-update' there are no updates available but
the package updater keeps telling me that there is an update for
totem-xine available.

I have not installed totem-xine. I only have totem installed
so this seems to be a bug of some sort.


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