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FC6 AIGLX Issue: title bar missing from windows

I upgraded a reasonably fresh install of FC5 (clean installation done a
little more than a month ago) to FC6 on Thursday and have been trying to
tinker around with the AIGLX/compiz features, but right away noticed a
problem: the title bar and window borders were missing. (See the
attachment or if it's not there,
http://bbnk.dhs.org/~rrodgers/aiglx_no_titlebar.png .) At first, I
thought it was just me, that I didn't know if the title bar had now been
separated or if the GUI had been made to be more Mac like, but it
bothered me that I could no longer resize or move windows. So I disabled
the desktop effects for the time being.

A few minutes ago I logged in as root to do a few minor things very
quickly, and just for the heck of it enabled the desktop effects again.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the title bars and borders return to
the windows, and was able to use everything properly with wobbly
windows. I cheered; perhaps there was some sort of library dependency
that needed to be cleared up by a reboot (which I had done before
logging in as root). So I logged out as soon as I could and logged in as
my normal user, re-enabled the desktop effects and was once again
disappointed to see that my title bars and borders were gone.

So, obviously, this is going to be a permissions issue... Can anyone
point me in the right direction as to which files need to have their
permissions changed, and to what those permissions should be?


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