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Re: FC5 ACPI modules - how to add missing modules

Laurence Vanek wrote:
> I already have tried loading those 2 modules using modprobe.  I get
> "FATAL: Module thermal not found" for both of them.
> Recently updated my bios so Im fairly sure thats not the problem.  I can
> see hardware monitoring info in bios setup but dont have the thermal or
> fan modules to look at them using acpitools.
> Perhaps I should have asked if anyone running FC5 has these 2 modules
> loaded & working.
I should have double checked on the laptop - fan and thermal are
build in, and not modules, so you do not load them. But if you are
not getting /proc/acpi/fan and /proc/acpi/thermal_zone but you are
getting the /proc/acpi directory, then there is something wrong. If
you are getting the directories, but they are empty, then the values
can not be accessed through acpi.

For example, I have /proc/acpi/fan/FAN0/state on my laptop, but I
only have /proc/acpi/fan on my desktop.


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