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Re: Seven Percent

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Mark Haney wrote:
> Todd Zullinger wrote:
>>FWIW, I tried the same thing with SUSE 10.1 and it failed the
>>suspend test but it did enable the ipw3945 driver easier than FC.
>>Next up is Gentoo. :)
> The Good Thing (tm) about Gentoo is it's Wiki.  I've never used
> Fedora's (mainly because I"ve never needed to), but Gentoo's is even
> better than Ubuntu's as far as content and useful information.

Yes, it does come up often when I google for things.  I've never used
it directly to solve a Gentoo problem but it's been helpful to me
already.  Thanks for providing a useful comparison.

> As for suspend on Gentoo, if it's hard on FC, it's probably going to
> be about the same with Gentoo.  The docs for setting it up are
> better, I think, but it's still a laborious process.

I don't mind laborious so much, especially if what things I might need
to tweak are documented.  Fedora's suspend is meant to "just work" and
for a growing number of systems that's probably true.  Mine doesn't
and I've yet to find a good reference on how to proceed when it
doesn't (not counting tons of "try this kernel param and that one"
guessing).  At least now I know that the hardware works just fine with
linux I will try harder to find a solution that works in Fedora.

> I finally got it working on my laptop, but have abandoned using it
> since suspend on 64-bit is still shaky when running a GUI.

A friend with Gentoo was trying to add some of the minor suspend
scripts he had from his Dell on mine in Fedora but they didn't work
out.  But from that I have a start on how I'll try to get it working
when I get around to trying Gentoo on here.


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