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Installing FC3 with the speakup kernel (was Help!!! Help!!!!)

Guy Schlosser wrote:
Hey guys, I have a question for anyone who can answer it.  I have been
trying to install Fedora Core 3 for two days now, and am totally confused.
The reason I'm using 3 is because it's currently thee latest version that
has the Speakup modified kernel for a talking install.  I'm really hoping
there is one when fedora core 6 comes out.  What is happening, is that the
installation seems to lock up at the disk testing screen.  I will try to
tab/alt+tab between OK and Skip, and get no where.  I had some sighted
assistance for a while yesterday, and found out that the problem occurs
whether speakup is loaded or not.  When speakup is loaded, it sends my
synthesizer (whether dec-talk express or Braille note) into space, and will
never quit talking until it reaches the OK or skip buttons for the disk
test.  Any one have any ideas?  I would greatly appreciate any help I can
get with this matter.  Here is my system config.
Processor: Pentium IV 2.8 GHZ Hyperthread on an Abit ai7 main board
AC97 based sound
Seagate 40 GB IDE hard drive
NVidia Geforce 4 video card.
  Again, thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



There are some list members that are familiar with speakup and other non-visual aids used to install a system. Janina is a person that I recall. There is also a William if I remember the name correctly.

I don't recall the details. I believe that FC3 had a problem related to a problem with telnet that caused problems.

Also there is a list where you can get some help with audio interface and braille reader problems. It is the below link.


I recall that Speakup was pulled from the kernel because of security concerns. The later versions do not have speakup kernels as you know.

Sorry for the extra comments. Basically, I figured that I'd comment that using speakup comments and your use of FC3 would aid others at spotting your message for giving assistance.


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