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Re: What is the language "British"?

On Friday 01 September 2006 10:15, Ian Astley wrote:
> For example, in contrast to most
> "British English" norms, I insist on the -ize ending for verbalizing
> nouns because that is the traditional British spelling 

Is it?  I understood that the 'correct' 's' or 'z' depends upon whether the 
word has a Latin or Greek root.  Since few of us these days have a classical 
education, the difference seems to have largely died out.  Personally, I just 
tell my spellchecker to recognise and accept my preferred, Anglicised, 

Few people have any problem understanding, whether the British or US English 
spelling is used.  Rarely do I have a problem with the mis-spellings from 
those who obviously have English as a second language.  What I find utterly 
incomprehensible is SMS - thanks for the example, Ed ;-)


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