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2 Problems with email clients

This is a strange problem that I have been happening since I upgraded to 
Fedora Core 5.  The problem has not gone away with updates either.

In Kmail, if I receive an email that is html and has a table that goes onto a 
second page, when printing to any printer (or previewing or print to .pdf) 
only the text above the table prints on the first page and the table is 
crunched onto the second page.  This makes the message unreadable.

I have googled for this problem but have not had any success.

I am currently running KMAIL 1.9.4 using KDE from fedora updates.  
The problem started with the version that came with fedora core 5 and has 
been in every release of kmail and kde since then.

I access my email through imap so if I leave the message in my inbox, it 
should be accessable to any email client that can get an imap connection.

The way I have tried to get around the printing problem is to open up 
thunderbird and print the message from there.   This works, but a second 
problem then happens.

Any email that I click on in thunderbird to look at or print seems to 
be "locked"  If I then close thunderbird and reopen kmail, any message that I 
clicked on or printed from thunderbird only has the message header, it does 
not show the text.  If I look at several message, then kmail will crash with 
the following message:
               "KMail got signal 6 (Crashing)"

This is a major problem for me as these html messages are quotes on computer 
parts from TigerDirect.  It is part of our purchasing controlls here at work 
that I print out the quote, make a purchase order, then fax it off.

I understand that this may not be efficient but I cannot change policy, I just 
need it to work.

I have been using kmail since 2001 and it has worked well up until FC5.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Shorie
Systems Administrator
Medina County Sanitary Engineers

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