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Re: What is the language "British"?


Yes, the "What is the language "British"?" thread has been a long one,
but I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed the break and the education.
Just proves most people prefer sharing to ranting.

On Fri, 2006-01-09 at 20:48 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 18:15 +0900, Ian Astley wrote:
> > I have done enough mucking about with altering set-ups and am  
> > wondering if there is any sort-of painless way of introducing my  
> > etymological neurosis into the resident spell-checkers on Unix
> > systems?
> You might have to do what I used to do with dictionaries not of my
> locale:  Spell check a document that I know is perfectly typed, and add
> every word the spell checker complains about to the local dictionary.
> That gets most of the problems out of the way in the first go.
While we are talking about specialized or personalized spellcheckers,
does any one know where I can get a computer language subsidiary
checker/dictionary.   I want something that will let me write 'ls -a' or
'cd ~/homename/sprdshts/*' or 'googled' or M$-isms in a message without
turning my paragraph red with underlines.

Regards Bill

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