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RE: Calcomp Calgraphics Plotter

The beast is speaking HP/GL and I still have no idea what to do with it.
I'd just as soon make a PDF in Windows move it to Linux, convert as
needed and go that route.



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As one that has had to struggle with ancient plotters:

What does the "beast" speak?

Common answers would be: PTL (plotter transfer lang), HP-GL (hp
graphics lang), PS (postscript, duh..), or possibly HP-RTL(hp raster
tranfer lang).

I'd wish for PS and do "cat file.ps > dev/lp0" and see what happens.
Never seen a Calgraphics, so you probably won't be *that* lucky.  I
guess what I'm getting at is: if you can figure out what format the
plotter wants it's input in, there are a number of ways to make it
happen in cups, ghostscript, etc....

Were you lucky enough to get a "sample file" with the plotter drivers


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