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Re: Adding FC5 to an XP computer -

Tim wrote:
Just quoting the salient points:

Bob Goodwin wrote:
XP Home is already installed and I have no way to reinstall it, no o/s
CD's are provided.

If you want to keep the XP installation as-is, and the Linux completely
separate, I'd consider:
     2. Modifying the XP bootloader menu so that *it* is used to boot
        itself, or Linux.
     3. Copying a file copy of the Linux bootblock onto the XP drive for
        that XP bootloader to work with.

Aaron Konstam:
Thhis used to be the wqay to do it in the RedHat Linux days. But for a
long time under Fedora grub does the job without any extra effort.

Ordinarily, I'd use GRUB to handle booting, too.  But the original
poster mentioned not having any Windows install discs.  It seems prudent
to avoid altering the Windows installation in that situation.
Especially if one isn't familiar with fixing things up, after a problem,
the hard way.
Prudent or not, the installation is now running with Grub and boot on the mbr.

If I break something I'll have to fix it somehow?

So far things have gone smoothly, there was physical space for the drive
and I was able to set bios to recognize the new second drive.  Hopefully
the rest will go as uneventfully ...

Bob Goodwin

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