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Re: OT: block mail for specific user

On Friday, Sep 1st 2006 at 13:51 -0400, quoth James Pifer:

=>This is way OT, but I'd rather not get on yet another mailing list. I
=>want to setup email for one of my kids, but I only want to allow mail
=>from specific addresses and blocking all others. 
=>I'm running Sendmail with MailScanner. Any way to do what I'm looking

Not OT at all. I saw one person suggested procmail which will do the job. 
I prefer doing it a different way. Use the access databse in sendmail. 
Assuming your kid's name is elmo, and you wanted him to be allowed email 
from three different addresses, 

To: elmo obrien-pifer com	REJECT
From: kid1 d1 com		OK
From: kid2 d2 com		OK
From: kid3 d3 com		OK

The advantage is that the mail will be rejected by sendmail before 
reception completes. The disadvantage is that you need to do a bit more 
reading to fully understand it. ;-)

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