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Re: BIOS and GRUB haywire

On 9/1/06, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk> wrote:
Thufir wrote:
> This time, however, I opted to have grub
> install not to the MBR but to /dev/hda.

Um. /dev/hda *is* the MBR.

With DOS-style partitions (what nearly everyone uses), there is a boot
sector / boot record at the start of each partition, *and* a separate
one at the very beginning of the disk. This partition is known as the
MBR, and boot loaders installed there are referred to as being "on

If you had tried putting Grub on a partition's boot record, it would be
"on /dev/hda1" (or whatever).

Yes, this is what I did.  Thanks for clarifying.

For the rest of your query: what make is your PC? If you know it, what
make is your motherboard? (Some PCs from certain manufacturers do Odd
Things at boot-up). [1]

I should've included those details.  The mother board and CPU are just
out of the box.  The company who built the box said to bring it in, I
probably won't be able to get it back until monday.  It's still within
the 30 day warranty period.

If they fix it for free, all's good.  I'm concerned that I did
something to cause this, with regards to GRUB, but don't even know if
that's possible, so am concerned about re-purchasing the same
computer, essentially.


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