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Re: Procedure to replace a NIC.

On Fri September 1 2006 17:41, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Steven Stromer writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I wannt to remove the 10/100 NICs from my FC5 servers and replace with
> > Gigabit NICs. I've never had to uninstall a NIC from a linux machine. Is
> > there anything I should do before pulling one card and installing
> > another?
> Nothing.
> >           Also, anything that I will have to do to get the machine to
> > realize the gigabit potential of the new card?
> Nine times out of ten, kudzu will take care of everything.
> Your only responsibility is to verify that your new card is actually
> supported under Linux, and specifically by the Fedora kernel.
> As long as the new card's drivers are in the Fedora kernel, you're all set.

This will get the NIC working 9 times out of 10 all right. You might want to 
note the old mac address to make sure you can get connected, though.



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