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Re: BIOS and GRUB haywire

On 9/1/06, Thufir <hawat thufir gmail com> wrote:
On 9/1/06, Tod Merley <todbot88 gmail com> wrote:
> But you are not seeing POST!
> You could try:
> Change out the video card (if there is one).
> Change the CMOS battery (should reset CMOS if corrupted and better
> it's chances of not being corrupted).
> You could try the remove - test - replace - test RAM as suggested by
> Chris and even research your BIOS (look on the MB for a BIOS tagged
> chip) to know the sequence of audio beeps it should present if memory
> is removed.
> If all above tests fail then you probably have a bad Mother Board or
> Power Supply.  Probably the Mother Board.  If it is an old box, try a
> used computer store (know your HW to find compatible MB).  Or maybe it
> is time to upgrade.
> Good Hunting!
> Tod

'No beeps and no POST
Pull everything out of the machine except for the CPU and power the PC
up. The PC should now only consist of a power supply, a motherboard
and a CPU/HSF. This means your PC should have no video card, RAM or
IDE cables. You should have no PCI cards and that includes modems and
sound cards. Have a power button and speaker hooked up to the board so
you can turn it on and listen for beep codes.

If you have the PC stripped down this much and you still do not get
any beep codes, then you may have an issue with either the CPU,
motherboard or power supply.'

I didn't know the google terms to search for, great response, thanks
for the help everyone.


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Hi Thufir,

Our regrets at your loss.  I shall now hum "taps".

May you find some great hardware!!


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