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Re: Adding FC5 to an XP computer -

Tod Merley wrote:

Hi Bob!

SCSI Drives now XP=sda FC5=sdb -- rearrange the SCSI addresses (should
be configurable on the drives - probably jumpers or through a utility)
and see if you can get FC5=sda XP=sdb.  Then install-grub sda and you
should have a working system.
I suspect this is determined by where the drive data cable is plugged in
on the m.b. I'll try swapping them, once I am fully awake!

Someone else sent me a procedure for using the Windows bootloader which
looks like another approach that I might be able to get working but I
will hold that as a last resort.  I prefer to do the job from FC5 if I can.

Do copy the MBR and MBR plus 62 sectors and hold off disk.  When you
boot XP it may well (perhaps through the Dell machine management
software) replace the MBR.  You can tell if it did by checking what is
in the MBR with your copy through hexdump.
I'm not sure how to copy the mbr, how to locate it, how it is named?  I
guess I will somehow ...


Good Hunting!


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