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Re: Adding FC5 to an XP computer -

Bob Goodwin wrote a lot in HTML only. So I hope I'm quoting him more or
less correctly:

> You solved my problem, or at least pointed me to the solution.
> Fdisk showed both drives designated as boot, I toggled boot to off
> for /dev/sda and now grub comes up and offers selection of either 
> operating system.  I haven't tried selecting Windows XP yet but will
> report if a problem remains.
> I can't explain why both were set to boot but that's the way the 
> installer left them?

OK, if that happens, the chances are that grub was installed on
/dev/sdb and not on /dev/sda. The BIOS will work out that there's no
bootable partition on the WinXP disk, and "fail over" to /dev/sdb.

If it works, you might even want to keep it that way. Be aware that at
any time, XP updates might re-enable sda.

Incidentally, "bootable" means "this partition is bootable". The BIOS
will normally choose which disk to try first, and will boot the first
bootable partition it finds.

Hope this helps,


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