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Re: Recover corrupted JPG image files

On Saturday 02 September 2006 15:10, Mike van Hoof wrote:
> Hello,
> i've got a CD with some corrupted image's on it, and was wondering if
> there is anyone who knows a tool (linux or windows... but free) wich can
> recover these (or parts of it).
A couple of years ago I lost everything from my fat32 partitions when the cpu 
fan caused a meltdown.  For some reason all the ext3 partitions survived.  
Anyway, I spent quite a lot of time looking for tools.  I got most of my 
data, in many formats, by using a tool called 'fatback', which runs on linux.    
There were many tools found by google that claim to recover jpg files, many 
of them free, but they all seemed to run on windows, and I didn't have a 
windows installation anywhere at that time.  Fortunately I have CD backups of 
most of my photos, but I lost all the most recent holiday ones :-(



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