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Re: Adding FC5 to an XP computer -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Physically swapping the two data connectors might have made
> it work it seems since that would have made the "grub drive"
> /dev/sda?

Probably not. Grub would have started looking on what it thought was the
"second" disk (by that point the WinXP disk) for a kernel and initrd, if
not for the second stage of Grub itself.

If you could have got Grub to load and to boot Fedora, then Fedora would
have quite happily worked out where its partitions were.

I'm pretty sure that Windows XP would have been unhappy, too. NT-based
OSes (like XP) have a number of ways of referring to their disks, and
don't like it if any of them change. The usual symptom is an unbootable

If you want a belts-and-braces setup, you might want to look at getting
the NT boot loader to boot Fedora.
is a fairly clear set of instructions. (Please be careful with the dd
command!) That way, you should be able to get into Fedora whichever boot
loader starts.

Hope this helps,

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