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LDAP/nsswitch/boot issues

Hello helpful people --

I'm having an issue that I hope you can help me with.  This must be a
common problem, but I can't find anything about it -- maybe I'm not
making the right google queries...

Here's the situation:  I've moved user info for a LAN to an LDAP
server (I was using NIS).  Everything works just great except one
thing:  booting up the server.   The server has ldap listed in the
nsswitch.conf, but the boot order is killing me.  It reboots and tries
to start up named before the LDAP server, and it hangs -- I'm guessing
it's trying to map uids and is looking for the LDAP server, can't
connect (because it's not up yet), and then hangs (it might come back
eventually, but the longest I let it sit there before rebooting was
about 3 minutes).

I tried moving the startup for ldap before named -- no luck -- this
time the ldap startup hung for some reason.

Here's my current, ugly workaround:  I've got two nsswitch.conf files
- nsswitch.conf.ldap and nsswitch.conf.local (with all ldap references
removed).   In /etc/rc.sysinit, as soon as the root fs is remount r/w
I link nsswitch.conf to nsswitch.conf.local.   Then in the ldap
startup script, I link nsswitch.conf to nsswitch.conf.ldap once the
ldap server is up.  Now everything boots up just great, but that seems
like a pretty ugly hack to me.

I must be missing something pretty basic here, because this must be a
pretty common setup (LDAP server using the LDAP user database).
What's the "right" way to do this?


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