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Re: What are /net and /srv and /misc for?

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Tom Horsley wrote:

I see /net was created by something on my FC5 system,
but it isn't owned by any rpm and it is empty.

IFAIK, this is traditionally where global NFS mounts would go. E.g., mount machine2's /opt/foo on /net/machine2/opt/foo. Usually, you'd back these up on the local machine (unless you are doing networked backups using NFS mounts.

I see /srv (another empty directory) is owned by
the filesystem-2.3.7-1.2.1 rpm, and /misc
is owned by autofs-4.1.4-29

In the future, global server files will go in /srv. So /var/www will become /srv/www, etc. /var will be reserved for files that need to be writable by the running system--locks, pid files, spools, etc.

/misc is for dynamic mounts (what autofs does), so it should not be backed up unless you know you want to.

I'm setting up backups for my system and wondering if
these guys need backing up (I already know I probably
shouldn't fool with /proc, /sys, and /dev).

Right. And /selinux and /media and /mnt and /tmp. And several of the directories under /var.

Speaking of backups, the only way I've though of
to exclude NFS and cdrom and such is to go through
the output from "mount" and build rsync exclude
patterns for all non-local hard disk mounts.
Is there an easier way to tell rsync "only
local hard disks"?

See other notes in the thread.

		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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