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Re: Procedure to replace a NIC - PLEASE HELP!

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 03 September 2006 21:51, Steven Stromer wrote:
Steven, I don't know whether this has any relevance or not, but I
recently changed a NIC in a FC4 box, and initially had a problem.  It
seems that it had detected the card correctly, and was loading the
driver, but it had remembered the MAC address of the old card.  I had to
remove the card's entry in system-config-network, then run kudzu to get
the new card read in again. Since then I have had no problem.


I don't run a GUI. I believe that system-config-network changes the
settings in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, which I did
manually. You are right that the hardware address did need manual
altering. I rebooted, which is what I think you mean by running kudzu.
Is there a way to invoke kudzu manually?

Yes - I did it from a console. Just type 'kudzu' - though I think it has to be run as root.


Tried this. I note that when rebooting, the system now hangs on "Shutting down interface eth0". I really need help with this problem; I'm really stuck. I noticed on the Realtek site that there is no downloadable driver for the 2.6 kernel. Is it possible that the driver included with FC5 doesn't support the Realtek 8169 chipset, and noone noticed? Does anyone have this chipset working under FC5 and 2.6? Could it be an iptables conflict that was created by upgrading the NIC? None of the network settings have changed from one card to the next. Could it be some kind of SELinux thing? Does SELinux need to be informed of the upgrade? I can't think of what to do next! Ethtool seems to not be able to work with the NIC at all, so I can't even get much info regarding the adapter's settings.

Thank you for any and all assistance!

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