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Re: Procedure to replace a NIC - PLEASE HELP!

> I noticed on the Realtek site that there is no 
> downloadable driver for the 2.6 kernel. 


Download the source code. Unzip the tarball.

There is a C program in the src directory that has to be corrected
before it will compile:


>From the r1000_v1.04 directory:

depmod -a

The module will build and install correctly with no changes to any of
the Makefiles.

Probably you will find the tulip driver has been erroneously loaded. Get
rid of it:

rmmod tulip

change to the correct /lib/modules.../net directory then

insmod r1000.ko

This should get the Realtek working. 

One last bit of advice -- it took me about 15 minutes of Googling to
locate the links above. That was with time to sip coffee. I got my
Realtek 8168 gigabit adapter for PCIe running as soon as I did the
insmod, and I'm using it now to send this email. Why not try Google a
little more in the future?

Bob Cochran

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