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Re: MS Windows through QEMU

On 9/3/06, Jack Gates <jlgates charter net> wrote:
> Its a kommander script.  Download the source (don't panic, there's
> nothing to compile) from kde-apps and run it with kmdr-executor.
> kmdr-executor is part of the kdewebdev package, which is in the
> repositories.

Download what source from kde-apps?


I have kdewebdev installed.

man kmdr-executor
No manual entry for kmdr-executor

info kmdr-executor
I have no idea what that was that came up with this.

Where is kmdr-executor and how do I find out how to use it?

kmdr/kommander (http://kommander.kdewebdev.org/) is a suite of apps to
develop simple GUIs, you can run .kmdr scripts with kmdr-executor.

If you have a recent version of qemu, download Version 0.3Alpha
(follow the links or go to

tar zxvf kqemu-0.3Alpha.tgz
kmdr-executor kqemu.kmdr

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