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Re: Trouble Burning Core 5 CDs

On 9/4/06, Bjorgen T. Eatinger <beatinger edenhosting net> wrote:

I am trying to create the 5 CDs necessary for a new Fedora Core 5
installation, and can never get a good burn.  The media check always fails,
during installation.

 Once thing I noticed is that the ISO images appear to be a bit larger than
650MB, which is the recordable size of the CDs I am using.  I will try 700MB
CDs, but I wonder why the images would be distributed to be over 650MB, and
if this is really the issue.

 I tried burning the CDs using 3 different burners on 3 different
workstations, with the same results.  Is there a recommended media
manufacturer?  I am burning at the slowest speed (16x) possible as well.

 I have never had so much trouble burning CDs before!  In fact, this got so
crazy, that I finally gave up and purchased a Fedora book on Core 2 which
contained the CDs, and they worked perfect.  But I am now running 3 versions
behind.  This has been an extremely frustrating experience, to say the

 This is so much trouble, that I wish there was a company that produced and
sold a commercial Fedora release on CDs.

 Sincerely, Bjorgen T. Eatinger

Did you use the same brand and/or batch of media?  If so go out and
buy a different brand.    Also, try not to get the fastest media on
the shelf. I find that the fastest media are giving my systems with
older drives the most difficulty.

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