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Re: automounting usb hardrive on bootup?

Ferindo Middleton wrote:
> I have an external usb hard drive. When I login using gnome it appears
> in "Places" in the "Computer" icon but it doesn't appear to automount
> itself to the file system because in I have it as an Samba share and it
> is only available to Samba connections to the device until after someone
> tries to use it locally from the server itself. How do I get it to
> automount itself to the server on bootup, and further, how do I limit
> access to only the root account or people in the root group?
One way to do this is to first create a udev rule for this specific
drive, and then add /etc/fstab entries for it. You could also write
HAL rules for this drive, so it always gets mounted the in the same
place, with the same permissions. That way, it will not wait for a
user to log in before mounting.

The udev/fstab is easier to write, but it may couse problem if you
ever boot without the drive plugged in. But writing the HAL rules
will take a fair amount of research to get it right.


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