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Re: Need help connecting to VPN

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
Hello Guys,

I have the need to connect to a Windows VPN I think getting the
requred details for the actual connection should be too hard. It is to
my school network. They distribute a Windows .exe which does all the
configuring, so details are not immediately obvious. But I want the
VPN to start right after my inet comes up. And most importantly, I
only want IPs in the schools IP block to route thoguh it.

Generic instructions will do, I should be able to fill in the details.



If you use Gnome, you can also download the NetworkManager-vpnc plugin for NetworkManager, and enable the NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher services on startup instead of network, for runlevel 5 (system-config-services). Then (after rebooting or at least restart NM) it's as simple as connecting to the network with the NetworkManager applet menu, then going to VPN Connections->Configure VPN, and entering the info there.
vpnc is only for Cisco-compatible VPNs, afaik.

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