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OT: Searching mail folders and subfolders in evolution

I know this is a bit off topic, but since evolution seems to be the
default mail client (for FC5, anyway), and since I figure there are
folks out there reading this list who know the answer, I figured it
couldn't hurt to ask...

Does anybody know how to search evolution folders and subfolders for
messages with particular text?  I've tried the obvious solution of
selecting the "On this computer" top level folder, selecting "Message
Contains", entering the word for which I am looking, and clicking on
"Find Now".  But I don't find any messages.  If I navigate down to the
subfolder and repeat the experiment, I find what I'm looking for, but
I don't always know what subfolder contains the information for which
I'm looking.

I've gotten spoiled by Coppernic on WIndows, with it's integration
with Outlook.  Should I be looking at beagle to do the same thing?  Is
there a Gnome applet similar to the Coppernic applet for Windows?


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