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installed but weird keyboard problems

Hi all, got a wierd keyboard problem here, and I'm hoping someone has a clue on how to solve it, because I'm truly stumped. I'm running Fedora Core on an Abit ai7 motherboard with a 2.8 GB hyperthread processor. My keyboard is a microsoft keyboard, that has connectors for both USB and PS2. Under Windows, my keyboard works on either connection. Under linux: 1. When I have my keyboard hooked up with the USB connector, I cannot use it to make grub boot choices. I've already setup my bios so that USB keyboard support is via BIOS, not OS. 2. If I disconnect the USB connector and connect the PS-2, I can select which OS to boot with grub, but when the linux kernel takes over, I lose all keyboard functionality. Anyone have any suggestions? I would love to use my keyboard as a USB device if there's any way I can, but if not, why can't I use it once I'm in Linux? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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