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Re: installation of fedora 5 x86-64 on AMD and nvidia machine

On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 00:14 -0400, Lun Liu wrote:
> Was using a ubuntu, seems not working so well with KDE based
> applications(though suprise its hardware compatibility).
> Then I changed to Fedora 5,X86_64. took me huge effort it make it
> general working, including nvidia video driver, grub, etc. 
> My nforce network card was not working all the time, until and insert
> another RTL8139 card and disable that card on BIOS and delete the
> device,
> Now,when the kernel start, it shows ACPI has some problem. Actually ,
> this machine can not be suspended. Any one has any experience for this
> issue? 
I run FC5 X86_64 on my Compaq V2000 (Turion / ATI) notebook.  Since
kernel 2.6.17 resume no longer works, but it does work again on the stock kernel, so I hope it will also work again on the next
fedora kernel.  To confirm if this is the issue, you can install the
2.6.15 kernel that came on the FC5 CD/DVD, to see if that was the case.

For the record, Ubuntu did not work well at all on this hardware - I
could not make the ATI drivers or suspend work.  In the end I spent less
time getting FC4 configured properly.  (I moved to FC5 after FC4 went
into legacy.)

I hope this helps.  If not, be more specific about the ACPI error
messages you receive.


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