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Re: Disabling hardware detection

Jacques B. wrote:
> I know you can disable hardware detection, but can't find how to do
> it.  Once FC5 has properly booted up and recognized your existing
> hardware (and hence the config files are ok) can you not disable
> hardware detection to speed up booting?

You should note that an increasing amount of hardware is *always*
detected and configured each boot-up (or whenever the kernel detects
it). For example, USB devices need to be configured and made available
when they are plugged in, so the same mechanism is used for configuring
them at boot time. This makes sure that they work the same way whether
they are connected when Fedora starts up, or if they are plugged in

So for this hardware, you probably won't have config files.

I understand that kudzu does less than it used to, as more hardware is
moved to udev/HAL.



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