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Re: USB disks?

Brian Chadwick wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:
I'm thinking about getting one of the big USB 2.0 external
disks companies like LaCie, Maxtor, and/or Western Digital
sell (mostly for backup - perhaps whip out a script that
uses rsync to save copies of everything).

Do all these USB 2.0 disk drives "just work" under linux,
or are there the typical variations in compatibility that
seem to plague everything?

Any particular model USB 2.0 external drive with exceptional
linux support out there? Good experiences to report?

Thanks for any info.

just plug it in ... it will work fine

Just to let you know that this isn't always the case:


Never tracked down what was going wrong and I got rid of the drive so can't test it with the latest kernels, but some drives certainly have problems (I'm sure most are OK though).


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