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Re: Lot of UDP traffic shown by iptraf. Does it mean problem?

Vijay Gill wrote:

I am running FC5 connected to NTL (Ireland) cable modem. I have
iptables firewall setup. Whenever I run iptraf it shows a lot of
activity on my eth0 (the NIC connected to cable modem).  Does it mean
there is some trouble? I will go home in the evening and grab some
more information (say tcp dump) and post it if needed.

In the mean while can somebody tell me something about this by just
their own experience?

Can just be iptraf doing DNS lookups of stuff flying by.

Incidentally this is a good way to realize if someone who doesn't realize they should turn off DNS lookups is running tcpdump or another sniffer against you locally... but in this case it is you running the sniffer and creating the noise, so no worries :-)


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