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Re: OT: Searching mail folders and subfolders in evolution

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Patrick Doyle wrote:
> I know this is a bit off topic, but since evolution seems to be the
> default mail client (for FC5, anyway), and since I figure there are
> folks out there reading this list who know the answer, I figured it
> couldn't hurt to ask...
> Does anybody know how to search evolution folders and subfolders for
> messages with particular text?  I've tried the obvious solution of
> selecting the "On this computer" top level folder, selecting "Message
> Contains", entering the word for which I am looking, and clicking on
> "Find Now".  But I don't find any messages.  If I navigate down to the
> subfolder and repeat the experiment, I find what I'm looking for, but
> I don't always know what subfolder contains the information for which
> I'm looking.
> I've gotten spoiled by Coppernic on WIndows, with it's integration
> with Outlook.  Should I be looking at beagle to do the same thing?  Is
> there a Gnome applet similar to the Coppernic applet for Windows?
> --wpd
	yum install deskbar-applet gives you a small(ish) input to beagle

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