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Re: Spam on the Rise. Any new tips?

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006 13:47:00 -0700, "Bazooka Joe" <fastfish gmail com>
> This is a thread from the same question I asked on the spamassassin
> mail list.
> Has anyone gotten the 3 fore mentioned milters working together?
> SA and clam work but greylist does nothing.  no errors, no added
> headers just nothing.
This is OT on this list. However, the majority of spam is still being
sent from dynamic space and certain areas. Many people can block
China and South Korea without impact.

We are seeing a huge surge from Poland (mostly dynamic space). They
use a different naming scheme but we have added a tremendous amount
of ranges to our dhcp zone as quickly as we see them and the daemon
is now recognizing them.

All dynamic blacklists have false positives. The more space you add -
the more the ham rate increases. This is particularly true with
European ranges where /24s are often mixed (dynamic and static).

THEREFORE, an important adjunct to blacklisting is white listing. We
use an automated system so that a user can send a blank email with
the subject:

	"<password> white list user domain tld"

It will be immediately added to the white list map.
      Do NOT Send Email to <spam trap> Fedora TQMcube,com
Our DNSRBL - Eliminate Spam at The Source: http://www.TQMcube.com
               Don't Subsidize Criminals: http://boulderpledge.org

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