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Re: Mozilla text artifacts with nVidia Geforce 6200TC and xorg 'nv' driver

Yes, I see lots of trouble in Mozilla rendering using the NV driver on
SOME of my computer systems. I see broken up letters and blotchy crap
all over the place. I believe you don't see it in all Gnome
applicatsions because they use different font servers than mozilla
(guess). There is no trouble on the laptop with GO5200FX or the
desktop with NVIDIA 5200FX or 5600FX or such.  But there is big
trouble with the Nvidia Quadro.

It is solved if  you switch over to the Nvidia commercial X driver.

There are some long-standing bugs with the NV driver and I generally
don't run it, except that the new kernel/nvidia driver combination
causes random lockups while using mouse (discussed in nvidia forum,
not a hugely widespread problem, but big for some kernels and cards)


On 9/5/06, Mostafa Afgani <m afgani fedora googlemail com> wrote:
Dear all,

Is there anyone else noticing some redraw/refresh problems with
mozilla firefox/thunderbird and the XOrg 'nv' driver? Basically, the
cursor leaves a trail wherever is passes through. It is not possible
to include a screenshot since the trails disappear the moment I hit
'PintScr'. Here's a photo using a camera:


These trails do not appear anywhere else(gedit, gnome-terminal, kate).
They are also absent from the mozilla products if 'vesa' is used
instead. I have tried disabling Pango but that did not help.

I suppose a bug report against xorg-x11-drv-nv is in order?


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