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Re: How to get fan to run?

On 9/5/06, Andrew Robinson <awrobinson-ml nc rr com> wrote:
My eMachines laptop freezes in FC5. I strongly suspect that FC5 is never
turning on the cooling fan and the laptop is overheating. I don't have
this problem with FC4. Can someone tell me what package controls the fan
so I can verify and/or fix this?


Andrew Robinson

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Hi Andrew Robinson!

First, apologies - no laptop (my daughter wanted hers back) and no FC5
(it was on the laptop dual boot Ubuntu - I will someday multiboot the
PC I am typing you on but not today).

Having said that, this may be a place to start:


# This was found adding FC5 to the search and references FC5 -

I would:

1. Grab any updates over the Internet.
2. Google the specific name of the machine with "fan control" and any
other keys that occur to me along the way.
3. Figure out a way to determine if the fan control application is
talking through the BIOS with the fan.

Good Hunting!


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