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Re: Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

On 8/30/06, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
Gayal wrote:
> I was using Win XP with FC5 and wanted to install Ubuntu as well.
> So i deleted the FC5 partition (just for the fun of doing it) and
> installed ubuntu straight from the live cd V6.10.
> And my laptop dual booted perfectly with XP.
> After that i installed FC5 and during the creation of boot loader i
> added XP and Ubutu as well from there respective partitions.
> But then triple boot failed.
> This is the message i get when selected ubuntu from Fedora Core 5 Grub Menu
> -----------------------------------
> Booting 'ubuntu'
> rootnoverify (hd0,6)
> chainloadre +1
> Error 13: Invalid or Unsupported executable format.
> Press any key to continue
> so how can i fix this problem and tripple boot my laptop.
> my file systems are as follows:
> ubuntu - reiserfs
> FC5 - Ext3
> --
> Gayal Rupasinghe
> User #396462 counter.li.org <http://counter.li.org>

In the Ubuntu OS, you need to install its boot loader into the partition
  that you have the ubuntu boot loader located in.

For example: I had to run grub-install /dev/hdb1 to chainload another
installation from within the installation that had grub installed in
that location, I don't know if it is a spelling difference such as
British compared to US spelling, but chainloader +1 instead of
chainlodre + 1 might be the problem with the setup.

There was also a problem related to reiserFS with grub in the past. I
think that this factor should not matter. It might be solved already.


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Hi Gayal Rupasinghe and Jim Cornette!

Gayle, Jim has it pretty much right I think.

The chainload of Ubuntu (sort of a "stop looking here and start fresh
right there!) should see a Fresh MBR (this is were I have a bit of a
question since I can only see an MBR as being generated for the first
sector of the disk) immediately followed (and referenced in the MBR)
by a file within your current /boot/grub called "reiserfs_stage1_5".
In every Ubuntu installation I have looked at stage 1.5 I have found
immediately following the MBR (MBR sector 1, Stage 1.5 sector 2).  I
believe it could be located anywhere as long as you pointed to that
location within the MBR.

The grub boot sequence is Stage 1 - the Master Boot Record - which
points to Stage 1.5 which is sort of a connector enabling the file
system intended ("reiser" in this case) - Stage 2 - GRUB proper.

The stage 1.5 I reference above is a bit less than eighteen 512 byte
sectors long.  I do not know where the partition file tables start.  I
guess I am saying that if it were me I would look a bit further before
I did indeed transfer stage 1.5 to "just after the MBR of the Ubuntu
partition".  I am talking a bit above my knowledge and experience
(although I am suspicious it would work).

Good Hunting!


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