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Re: Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Tod Merley wrote:

Hi Gayal Rupasinghe and Jim Cornette!

Gayle, Jim has it pretty much right I think.

The chainload of Ubuntu (sort of a "stop looking here and start fresh
right there!) should see a Fresh MBR (this is were I have a bit of a
question since I can only see an MBR as being generated for the first
sector of the disk) immediately followed (and referenced in the MBR)
by a file within your current /boot/grub called "reiserfs_stage1_5".
In every Ubuntu installation I have looked at stage 1.5 I have found
immediately following the MBR (MBR sector 1, Stage 1.5 sector 2).  I
believe it could be located anywhere as long as you pointed to that
location within the MBR.

The grub boot sequence is Stage 1 - the Master Boot Record - which
points to Stage 1.5 which is sort of a connector enabling the file
system intended ("reiser" in this case) - Stage 2 - GRUB proper.

The stage 1.5 I reference above is a bit less than eighteen 512 byte
sectors long.  I do not know where the partition file tables start.  I
guess I am saying that if it were me I would look a bit further before
I did indeed transfer stage 1.5 to "just after the MBR of the Ubuntu
partition".  I am talking a bit above my knowledge and experience
(although I am suspicious it would work).

Good Hunting!


Just adding that with the Fedora installer, there is an option for advanced bootloader settings during installation of Fedora. The nice thing about the advanced features is the ability to add new information in a graphical interface where you can give a name for the alternative OS and select the partition that you want to chainload.

You still need to install the grub into the appropriate area using the OS that will be chainloaded. For instance, if Ubuntu has either / or /boot on /dev/hdb2, you will need to run grub-install /dev/hdb2 while booted into Ubuntu. Afterwards, Ubuntu should be selectable from the Fedora version of grub, which should hand off control to the Ubuntu grub version from there on.


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