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Re: script writen is ash ?? covert ?

On 9/6/06, Gregory Machin <gregory machin gmail com> wrote:
I have a script writen for ash and want to convert it to bash ...
any hints on doing thins ?
Many Thanks

Gregory Machin
 gregory machin gmail com
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Hi Gregory Machin!

I am no expert.

That said I note with interest that ash is Bourn compliant, very
efficient (as in part of BusyBox for example) and as such should be a
functionally a sub set of the bash shell.  See links:



You probably could:

1. Simply change the first line to reference Bash.
2. Download ash (second link) and make it environmentally available.
3. Download BusyBox (it is in your initrd) and make an alias for ash
linking to it.

Oh, silly ideas in the morning.

Good Hunting!


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