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Re: Debian seems to have forked cdrtools

On Wednesday 06 September 2006 08:25, James Wilkinson wrote:
>Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> Linux Weekly News has a copy of the announcement at:
>> http://lwn.net/Articles/198171/
>> They forked it because of the license problem.
>Well, there were a couple of license problems[1], but it basically came
>down to the fact that the maintainer was too difficult to work with.
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Now that its a fact, are the debian folks willing to co-operate with
>> the redhat folks and keep this thing in synch?  Or vice-versa?
>Yes, the Debian forker (confusingly, another Jörg) has contacted Fedora
>asking for / offering co-operation.
Excellent news indeed.  Who was the person that redid it for fedora such 
that it was workable with a 2.6 kernel, and who got into the long, public 
and boring argument with Schilling?  Boring because Jorg never, ever 
answered any question other than with yet another rant about how broken 
2.6 device name to hardware addresses were, when in fact it works very 
well IMO.  What that person did was very helpfull.  He would I'd think be 
a very productive member of the new maintainers group.

>[1] The longer term one was that Jörg had odd ideas about the GPL. He
>added "clarifications" to the distribution of cdrecord ("this code can't
>be removed") that were incompatible with the GPL as generally
>understood. So cdrecord didn't have a clear, unambiguous license, and
>Jörg's interpretation made it non-Free and non-Open Source. See
>/usr/share/doc/cdrecord- for details.
>The short term one was that if you need build scripts to build a GPL
>program, and you distribute that program, the GPL says you need to
>distribute the build scripts under the GPL. Jörg Schilling released his
>build scripts under the (incompatible) CDDL, saying they were a separate
>work. This was true, but irrelevant -- he was perfectly at liberty to
>distribute the build scripts under whatever license he wished, but he
>was *not* at liberty to distribute other people's GPLed code with those
>build scripts, and no-one else had an explicit license to distribute the
>result at all.

Between Jorg Schillings recalcitrance and the licensing issues, this fork 
is about 3 years overdue.  Many thanks.

Now, if someone could tell me how to coax my US keyboard into properly 
spelling your name with the ommlauts over the o, I'd love it, ditto for 
the beta and copyright signs.  I could do that with my old amiga keyboard. 
Hint hint...
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Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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