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Re: Got bad sector on HDD in XFS partition, any utility to mark it bad/recover it like seatools does?

At 12:18 PM +0100 9/6/06, Vijay Gill wrote:
In addition to my last mail.

I did the dd, got the image in a file, ran xfs_repair on it to recover
my data. I am all sorted now as far as data is concerned.

Now, I want to create xfs file system again on that partition, but I
cannot find an option to scan and mark bad sectors during mkfs.xfs
runs (or any other command related to xfs). I want something like what
-c option does in mkfs.ext3.

Writing to the bad sector will remap it (on modern hard drives, last 5 or 8 years). Just use dd to write to the affected area or the whole drive. After that, the block will no longer be "bad".

Doing a low-level format of the drive will generally cause the drive to skip over all bad sectors and build a new "spare sectors" area.

Modern drives can be configured to continuously test themselves via SMART, with the --offlineauto option to smartctl. SMART can also tell you if the drive appears healthy.
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