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PLEASE HELP (openswan ipsec) (+)

I have got two linux boxes with fc5 on it. one has a static external IP, 
another one is connected via cisco and uses address mapping - from the 
external cisco IP to a "fake" internal.

How do I set up a net-to-net connection?
Example conf:

conn net-to-net
    left=               # Local vitals
    leftsubnet=      # 
    leftid= xy example com         #   
    leftrsasigkey=0s1LgR7/oUM...   #
    leftnexthop=%defaultroute      # correct in many situations 
    right=              # Remote vitals
    rightsubnet=        #
    rightid= ab example com        # 
    rightrsasigkey=0sAQOqH55O...   #
    rightnexthop=%defaultroute     # correct in many situations
    auto=start                     # authorizes but doesn't start this 
                                   # connection at startup

But whike speaking with .2 IP, it actually statically maps to 172.x.x.x 
address of linux box. It is possible to send data from mapped linux, and the 
packets come out with normal IP (mapped back).

OpenSwan IPSec however, according to logs, somehow discovers 172.x.x.x address 
and refuses to negotiate....

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