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Re: Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Tod Merley wrote:
Hi Gayal Rupasinghe and Jim Cornette!

Gayle, Jim has it pretty much right I think.

The chainload of Ubuntu (sort of a "stop looking here and start fresh
right there!) should see a Fresh MBR (this is were I have a bit of a
question since I can only see an MBR as being generated for the first
sector of the disk) immediately followed (and referenced in the MBR)
by a file within your current /boot/grub called "reiserfs_stage1_5".



There is exactly one (1) MBR per physical fixed disc. Each non-extended
partition has a BR on it (sometimes called the geometry). GRUB
can run either from the MBR or from a BR. Extended partitions are
another story altogether.

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