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Re: What is the language "British"?

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Tuesday 05 September 2006 12:25, Michael P. Brininstool wrote:

dictionary.com sez basically that fuse is the thing you light to blow
something up and the fuze is an electronic version of same.

And as a C.E.T. of 34 years, and chasing electrons for a living for 57 or so, I have yet to see the hot wire device designed to open a circuit when too much current flows called anything but a fuse, with an 's'. Thats not


saying it couldn't be so spelled in other locales, but here, there's only one way to spell it unless the writer failed spelling.

Then dictionary.com is wrong. A fuze is a device for detonating a
weapon. A fuse is an electrical device. I've been doing electronics
for 40 years, and *never* have encountered the term "fuze" to mean
an electronics component.

Furthermore, I looked in a "real" dictionary, and that's what it

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