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Re: booting with no video adapter

On 9/6/06, T. Horsnell <tsh mrc-lmb cam ac uk> wrote:
>On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 18:23 +0100, T. Horsnell wrote:
>> How can I get an FC5 system to boot without a video adapter?
>> At the moment, I cant even figure out how to tell grub that
>> it has no VGA, let alone Linux. Any ideas anyone?
>> Cheers,
>> Terry
>Why does it matter? I usually setup headless machines using a serial
>null cable: (AKA Serial console)
>All you need to do is configure grub [1] (and BIOS?), add serial console

But this is what I cant figure out how to do. How to configure
grub so that it doesnt try to use video?


>support to the kernel command line [2] and add a serial console to
>inittab [3].
>- Gilboa
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Hi Terry!

At the GRUB command the "serial" command:

# From the GRUB manual:
13.2.12 serial
serial ['--unit=unit'] ['--port=port'] ['--speed=speed'] [Command]
         ['--word=word'] ['--parity=parity'] ['--stop=stop'] ['--device=dev']
    Initialize a serial device. unit is a number in the range 0-3
specifying which serial
    port to use; default is 0, which corresponds to the port often
called COM1. port          is the I/O port where the UART is to be
found; if speciļ¬ed it takes precedence over
    unit. speed is the transmission speed; default is 9600. word and
stop are the number  of data bits and stop bits. Data bits must be in
the range 5-8 and stop bits must be   1 or 2. Default is 8 data bits
and one stop bit. parity is one of 'no', 'odd', 'even'   and defaults
to 'no'. The option '--device' can only be used in the grub shell and
is   used to specify the tty device to be used in the host operating
system (see Chapter 15   [Invoking the grub shell], page 55).
    The serial port is not used as a communication channel unless the
terminal command   is used (see Section 13.2.14 [terminal], page 41).
    This command is only available if GRUB is compiled with serial
support. See also
    Chapter 7 [Serial terminal], page 23.
# The GRUB manual is available at:

# Referenced previously but still a good resource

Have Fun!


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