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Re: TV tuner pci cards on FC2

On Wednesday 06 September 2006 21:17, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > >
> > > An update. Peter Reed suggested installing Tvtime, so I've done that,
> > > and have also found another card. An Hauppage Win TV-Express (model755,
> > > I think). This is an analog card, using an antenna connection, and has
> > > the Brooktrees Bt878 chipset. it is very cheap at 23.95€, 

This displayed correctly as 23.95€ in your original message, though not in 
this quote

> Thanks for that Peter. I think I'll go ahead and order that card. Did you
> see that weird stuff after the "23.95" on my post. there was supposed to be
> a Euro sign there which I got from my KDE's GB keymap using ALT-GR+4, like
> so. €.  I now see the Euro sign on Kmails composer, but it seems to be
> interpreted differently, when processed through the mailing list. I'll have
> to write Euro in future. lol.
I expect that the display problem for the € is the same as for other extended 
characters, being affected by the character-set used.  My default encoding is 
set to utf-8.


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