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Re: TV tuner pci cards on FC2

Greetings Nigel ,

Nigel Henry wrote:
 I spent most of yesterday afternoon googling for info on supported TV
 tuner cards. From http://www.grosbill.com I found three analog cards
 within my price range. Card1: Avermedia AVerTV GO 007 plus/fm plus.
 This card according to the Avermedia site uses the Philips TDA8275
 chipset. http://www.linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/CARDLIST.saa7134
 shows a variant of this card, #57 that uses the saa7134 chipset.
 has a directory with drivers for the saa7134, but the only TDA
 drivers are: tda7432.ko, tda9840.ko, tda9875.ko, and tda9887.ko.

 Does anyone know if this card is likely to work if it isn't using the
 exact driver required?

 Card2: Pinnacle PCTV Analog PCI Can't find any chipset info on this
 one from Pinnaclesys site.

Hmm.. Well this one smells suspicious . I have a Studio PCTV from Pinnacle which
is constantly working perfectly since the Fedora Core 1 age . Since you are
running Fedora Core 2 then that means that you have a 2.6 kernel , in other words there is a 90% possibility that the above named card will work perfectly . The thing you need to search for is Bt848A ( not Bt878, it's newer ) . The 2.6 kernels already have the apropriate module . So you just have to compile it ( the module for Bt848 ) and you
are ready . There stands a chance though that you will need a line saying

options card=xx tuner=yy ( in order to specify the exact card and tuner that you have ) . Well if we have compatible cards then xx=39 . I can't tell you about the tuner though because you mail sounds french ( therefore you use SECAM there and not PAL , in
other words i would give you a wrong value )

 Anyone know if this card is supported?

 Card3: Terratec Cinergy 250 PCI This uses, according to the Terratec
 site the Philips saa-7134 chipset, but isn't specifically listed at
 the link for saa7134 supported cards above.

 Any one knows if this works ok?

 Accepting that one of these cards has a suitable driver in the
 kernel, are there additional packages I need to install in order to
 play TV on the Linux box with FC2?

Well the thing that you have to learn first is , the chipset that your
card is using . Now if  the driver is found you only have to compile
video4linux support and the module for the tv card and you are ready
with them .

I have never used Fedora Core 2 , so i don't know if it has any TV Application .
Personally i use XawTv



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