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Re: How to record traffic between Evolution and POP Server

On 9/6/06, Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh pacbell net> wrote:
I'm having weird problems between my Evolution email client and my ISP's
POP server.  Evolution says it can't receive a particular message; the
problem is:
        Cannot get message ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI: Input/output
always with the same message ID.  The ISP (ATT) says there's nothing in
my inbox on the POP server.  I'd like to get some more info on what's
going on.

How can I get Evolution to record its interactions with the POP server.
Is there some environment variable or invocation option that will get
Evolution to do this?

Thanks - jon

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Hi Jon!

Others have mentioned tcpdump and ethereal.  Good stuff.

You can train tcpdump to "start the recorder" so to speak when a
certian type of packet is seen.  I would start with a few minutes of
"all" and see how much I really need to be specific (how much actual
traffic).  If you know which ports are in use it is very easy to
follow a conversation.

Good Hunting!


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