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Re: Cause of disappearing mount points in FC5

Power management?  Automounter?

no idea. if its the power management, I guess it should also show same
behavior with my harddrive with ext3 drive where FC5 is installed.

If the drive is mounted on /data do you see it with df ?
If not, can you do ls -l /data (wait a moment) and see it respond?

no nothing? when it disappears, its completely gone from scene. I have
symbolic link to my home directory and these too show blank. However I
can remount it manually after that happens with root permission. These
brings the mount point back but without read or write permission to
general users.

by the way I have mounted these drive with write permission to users in fstab:
/dev/hdd1               /mnt/common             vfat
rw,defaults,umask=0000 0 0
/dev/hdb1               /mnt/gameiso            ntfs
ro,defaults,umask=0222 0 0

Another clue I found is:
I have some movies stored in my /mnt/common. It happens (usually but
not sure that it happens everytime) when I play these movies with

Any Clue?????

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