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Re: installed CPAN but application still doesn't work

The application is working now after the do the following  

 cpan -i Date::Calc
 cpan -i Date::Format
 cpan -i File::Tail

--- Erik Hemdal <ehemdal townisp com> wrote:

> > Message: 7
> > Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 08:44:27 -0600
> > From: Charles Curley <charlescurley charlescurley com> .
> . . .
> > As I understand things, cpan breaks things on Fedora Core, and
> > cpan2rpm is the preferred tool. However, first check to see if the
> > perl modules you want are available in extras.
> Charles, do you have specific examples of what cpan breaks?  I've used
> it for a long time, and never even bothered to look for RPM packages.
> I've yet to have a problem that I could not resolve.  Most times, as I
> recall, CPAN fails because a Fedora file has an unusual name or isn't
> where the build process is looking for it.
> I don't have specifics at hand because things go wrong very rarely.
> I'm curious, because it looks like cpan2rpm is tucked away in Extras,
> but the Fedora package for Perl itself provides /usr/bin/cpan (including
> POD) to invoke the CPAN shell for you.  I assumed that since Fedora
> included this in its Perl package, that this was the preferred way.
> Anyway your post surprised me, and I'd like to know more if you can
> share details.   Erik
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